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Anna Koutelieri


My experience involves working with depression and loss, with anxiety and panic attacks, with sexual difficulties and with issues of sexual identity, with eating disorders and obsessive compulsive disorder. I work with trauma – with the fall-out from trauma, both historic and recent trauma issues.


I have worked in a variety of mental health settings with adults with a very wide range of problems and difficulties. Having worked in large organizations, I understand the particular stresses involved in such environments.


I have experience in the area of the criminal justice system, as well as in the performance arts, and have an understanding of the difficulties and demands involved in these professions.


Embarking on a counselling or therapy process can feel like a big step but I believe that counselling and therapy can be helpful in allowing you to increase self-awareness and to identify self-destructive patterns of behaviour. Essentially you and I will be involved in a collaborative process in which we work together to help you identify and think about areas of your life that you feel need exploration. However, counselling and therapy also involve the emergence of difficult feelings, and this can be painful. My role as your counsellor is to help you to explore the issues you feel are important for you at your own pace, and in a way that is contained.


My training as a psychodynamic counsellor was at WPF Therapy, a well-established counselling and psychotherapy training organisation in the UK. I have an Advanced Diploma in Psychodynamic Theory and Practice and a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Studies from Roehampton University. I am a member of The Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling, by whose ethical guidelines and complaints procedure I abide. I am committed to continued professional development, and have full-cover professional indemnity insurance.


How to make contact


You can leave a telephone message for me on 0207 831 5767 or contact me by email on


Please leave a number on which you can be contacted and, if you like, a time at which it is convenient for me to return your call and for us to arrange a time for an initial consultation meeting.


This will last from 60 to 90 minutes and is an opportunity to talk about what you may be hoping for from the process, as well as a chance to ask me any questions you have about the process . If we decide to work together, we will arrange a regular weekly 50 minute appointment which will take place on the same day and at the same time of each week. If you or I feel that I am not the right person for you to see, I will refer you on to someone who might be appropriate for you.




I operate a sliding scale of between £45 and £70. The fee decided upon is dependent on the client’s income, and on whether the appointment is in the daytime or in the evening. I have a limited number of appointments for clients on low income.


There is a fee of £50 for the initial consultation meeting. This first meeting may last up to 90 minutes.

Our Location
67-68 Hatton Garden
Tel: 0207 831 5767