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We are qualified and experienced psychodynamic counsellors based in Clerkenwell, offering one-to-one weekly sessions in which you can talk in absolute privacy.


You may find counselling useful if you are weathering a current crisis, or if you want to deal with problems that are ongoing and entrenched. We offer confidential sessions in a professional and comfortable environment which can be helpful in addressing difficulties with:
  • Depression and feeling low
    you may be feeling flat, or ‘down’ all the time, you may have lost interest in life and be feeling what’s the point? - or you may have suicidal feelings or have been self-harming
  • Loss and bereavement
    you may have experienced a death, a divorce, or the ending of an important relationship
  • Relationships
    you may be experiencing feelings of dissatisfaction in your important relationships, find yourself repeating unhelpful patterns, or be unable to build or maintain relationships
  • Stress and anxiety
    you may be feeling anxious, experiencing panic attacks, worrying persistently
  • Problems at work
    you may dread going to work, feel stressed, feel that you’re being bullied, feel that your work/life balance is unsatisfactory
  • Trauma
    you may have experienced a recent traumatic event or one in the past
  • Sexuality:  heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues
    you may be struggling with a lack of desire, be wondering about your sexual identity, or struggling with the reaction of others
  • Feelings of loneliness and isolation
    you may be feeling that no one understands, there is no one to talk to; you may be feeling the need for someone in whom you can safely confide difficult thoughts and feelings
  • Lack of confidence and self-esteem
    you may be struggling with a lack of self-confidence,  a negative view of yourself, or excessive self-criticism
  • Financial worries or redundancy
    you may feel overwhelmed or panicked by difficulties with finances, with the loss of a job, or the prospect of job loss

Please contact us by email or telephone on
0207 831 5767.
In each case, you can leave a number on which you can be contacted and if preferred indicate a good time for us to call you back when you can speak freely and are not under time-pressure.  We will respond to your enquiry quickly and in complete confidence.


Our Location
67-68 Hatton Garden
Tel: 0207 831 5767